Naban is the name of the traditional martial art of the men from Myanmar, whose fame is known beyond the country's borders. According to legend, the fighters are said to have had a particularly timelessly beautiful skin through the use of mystical medicinal plants from the Himalayas, so that they were admired by many women not only for their success.

"A wisdom of the East says that success can only be achieved through ritual and discipline."

Inspired by the strength of the Navan fighters and their medicinal herbs from the Himalayas, founder Jelena went to the Swiss Alps in search of extraordinary plants that are exposed to extreme conditions such as icy cold, high UV radiation and storms. According to the vision that strong plants must belong to strong men.


The CellResilience Complex

Jelena had more than 100 plant extracts examined in the most renowned Swiss institutes for cell research in order to decipher the molecular biological mechanisms and healing powers of these plants. The result, after years of research and development with partner laboratories, was the groundbreaking CellResilience complex, the quintessence of NABAN's phyto-cellular cosmetics. The innovation protects against environmental pollution, counteracts the visible signs of aging and ensures a vital, flawless complexion full of luminosity and energy.


The Alpine Garden 

NABAN's source of inspiration is the Schynige Platte Alpine Garden, an open-air laboratory in the heart of the Alps where over 690 plant species thrive.


Swiss quality

NABAN's top-secret formulations are the result of technical know-how and cutting-edge Swiss research. NABAN is effective high-performance care with highly concentrated natural extracts and ensures results of unparalleled quality. The brand takes advantage of the resilience and reparative powers of alpine plants and incorporates them into its products. 


Men Only

NABAN is aimed at the modern man striving for perfection who is looking for effective premium natural cosmetics developed according to the latest scientific findings.