Simply shave: The most important things for a smooth cut & care

Most men are very particular about the way they shave and care for their beard. This is often due to the fact that shaving is a real challenge for the skin. Frequent shaving in particular puts a lot of strain on the skin on the face. Razor burn, reddened skin, minor injuries or ingrown hairs can be the result if shaving or skin care is not well adapted to your own hair and skin type. Once men have established a certain way of shaving for themselves, they usually have little interest in trying out new things - the danger that lurks beyond their own grooming routine is supposedly too great. 

Men don't have to "experiment" with their face! With our beard shaving products, we provide you with tools that effectively prevent the risk of damaged or irritated skin. Our range also includes beard care products that have both a preventative and curative effect. 


Wet shaving: products for comfort & efficiency

The classics for shaving: the safety razor with blades and a shaving brush, which can be used to create a shaving foam with a fine texture from shaving soap. Our NABAN safety razor is made of brass and, thanks to its weight, sits comfortably and smoothly in the hand. The choice of the optimum razor blade is particularly important. The blade must be so sharp that it is in no way inferior to a freshly sharpened straight razor. In contrast to the latter, you can change the blades and perform each individual beard shave with consistently high quality. The sharper the blade, the gentler the shave!

Do you love making your own shaving lather with the help of soap and a brush? With our NABAN shaving brush, you can even take your preferences with you when you travel: the brush can be conveniently folded and always comes out of the travel bag intact and without a single kinked hair!


Shaving and beard care: they belong together

Unlike a conventional shaving gel, our nourishing shaving oil makes a real difference! It moisturizes the sensitive skin on the face and strengthens the skin barrier. The oil allows the razor blade to glide over the skin without touching it directly. This ensures a close shave and protects the skin. The oil also contains vitamin E and bisabolol, which have an anti-inflammatory and cell-renewing effect. The shaving oil can be massaged into the tips of the beard and even the ends of the hair, which prevents the hair from drying out and ensures a well-groomed, smooth look. The oil has a subtle, fresh scent of mint and orange oil - not just for men who are still looking for the right aftershave!

NABAN shaving cream is particularly recommended for wet shaving. It is similar in composition to a high-quality shaving foam, but is more comfortable to use. Our shaving cream contains substances that cleanse gently and thoroughly and provide the skin with optimum moisture - without leaving it greasy. 

We carefully select the ingredients according to the high standards of natural cosmetics for men and also guarantee that they are 100% produced in Switzerland and strictly certified. Our shaving products are:

  • vegan
  • Free from artificial fragrances & colorants
  • Produced without animal testing
  • free from parabens
  • free from mineral oils & silicones

Do you not (only) shave, but also wear a beard? Then you may be interested in other beard care products: With a beard brush made from wild boar hair, you can tame even the most unruly beard. This is because the hairs in the beard are not electrically charged by brushing, but become supple and keep their shape. On the road a lot? Then we recommend the NABAN pocket comb for beard care on the go. 


Beard shaving with pleasure: products and care products from NABAN

It is a personal concern of ours to end the stress that shaving means for many men. Whether razor, blade, razor, foam or shaving soap - we believe that good products enable a grooming routine that is fun and encourages men to experience beard shaving and grooming not as a necessary evil, but as a moment of relaxation. For satisfied men. With beautiful beards and beautiful skin. 

Do you have any questions about razors & co. or would you like advice on topics such as the right foam, the right shaving soap or a suitable pre-shave and aftershave? Please feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing about your personal grooming needs! Looking for even more care? You can find even more facial care products for men here.